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Voice Over IP:

VoIP is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol.   VoIP has become an integral part of business infrastructures and the new standard in telecommunications.  VoIP is a phone service that allows businesses to utilize the Internet or their


own internal network as a way to carry phone calls over an IP data network.

One of the many attractive features of VoIP is its cost saving potential.  When we move away from commercial telephone networks, businesses can avoid long-distance charges since voice traffic is traveling over Internet or over their own private data network lines.

For large or small businesses alike, VoIP allows for flexibility by integrating voice and data lines into one physical network.  By simplifying voice and data traffic, VoIP can eliminate capital expenses by reducing the charge of usage or subscriptions, especially for long-distance and international calls.

Structured Cabling

Structured cabling is a process that organizes networking cables (Cat 6e, Cat 6, Cat 5e, fiber optic, Coaxial cable, etc.) paired with their respected networking systems throughout an office or building.  As companies grow, it is vital that their telecommunications system


grows with them.  Managing cables may become overwhelming and often times this leads to inconsistency in the operation of a networking system.  Ritel Communications understands the complexity of these issues, and we are committed to our clients.  Let Ritel Communications Inc. connect your business to the world!

 Benefits of Ritel Communications Structured Cabling Service:

1) Allows for stable flow of information

2) Enables our clients to share information & resources with their clients

3) Meets with current safety standards & regulations

4) Simplifies troubleshooting issues and streamline future cabling upgrades

5) Simplify moves/adds/changes(upgrades) to Networking System

System Integration:

Integrate your telephone system to Servers, Workstations, PC Smart Phone. We at Ritel Communications Inc. can help you with System Integration. Would you like to see your office call activities, progresses, duration, how long and



Mobility is a part of flexibility that allows any person to be in-touch with Office or Clients. Never miss any messages or call. You can receive your calls or messages or having a direct Intercom as if you are



what cost? Or have any Speech Recognition, Auto Scheduler? These are some of the tasks that System Integration can do by connecting to Server creating a database. Companies such as yours can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars that can be used for other business expenses

still in the office. Ritel Communications Inc. provides you path through Mitell to achieve that flexibility at the touch of a finger.

Carrier Interface

Looking for the best available carrier at any given address location and finding out which carrier has best plan and with what price that may suite your need requires lots of time and effort. We at Ritel Communication, Inc. can find you, Nation Wide the

best available carrier for your Telephone and Internet use. Ritel Communication, Inc. provides you with theses services on your Office Relocation, System Upgrade and Move just as a courtesy to you and free of charge

Security Solutions

Video surveillance is a key component in the safety and security for growing businesses.  By providing real-time monitoring 24/7, video surveillance provides a valuable economic means for improving the security of employees, buildings, and company property.   At Ritel Communications

Inc. we believe “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” At Ritel Communications Inc., we provide a wide range of Security Solutions, from simple security system design for homes/office buildings to multifaceted video surveillance systems for large commercial warehouses.  By allowing our clients to customize their security network, Ritel Communications will work with you to meet your businesses budget and location needs.


• Security Defense Products             • Security Service Providers

• Key Panel                                         • IP/Network Video Surveillance

• Siren/Warning Alarm Systems        • Video Storage Systems

• Motion Detection                             • System Maintenance/Upgrades

• Video Surveillance Cameras            • System Maintenance/Upgrades

• Access Control

• Remote Access

• Structured Cabling/Security System Installations

• On-site Video Monitoring/Programming




ADD, MOVE, CHANGE At affordable price

Preplanning way ahead in time is something that we all want. Preplanning makes adding another telephone or computer jack or changes in the office and a big event such as moving the


whole office to another location a lot easier and cheaper. With Ritel Communications Inc. you can be provided with quality and the reasonable price even at a short notice.


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